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The NBA 2K League, a joint venture between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive, is a professional esports league featuring the best 2K players in the world. The NBA 2K League is the first official esports league operated by a U.S. professional sports league.

Schedule will feature head-to-head matchups as well as tournaments, the best of basketball and esports. The season will run from May-August with games taking place from one or two central studios. Details are still being finalized if games will be open to live audiences.

Teams will feature five players who will play the game using newly created avatars. This will not be NBA players like you are used to seeing in 2K; Playing ability is determined by skill (no artificial intelligence will be used). Players will live in-market during the season for training and gameplay. Following the draft in March, players will relocate to their respective markets for training.

Fans will be able to watch our games, but the league is still working through distribution. During the inaugural season, all games will be played in one or two central studios. The league is still determining details and logistics for the games, including live studio audiences.

Games will be played in a new dedicated esports mode that 2K is developing to support the league.

All players need to be 18 years or older to participate in the tryout and be drafted into the league.

No, NBA 2K has a global following and we expect players to be from all over the world.

This is a professional sport and full-time career for our players. The amount of time and commitment it takes to be one of the best players in the world is on par with the requirements for of any other professional sport.

NBA players won’t be involved in the NBA 2K League. Just as NBA players are elite athletes, NBA 2K League players will also be elite athletes who will become stars in their own right. Some of the biggest fans of the current NBA 2K video game are NBA players, which is great, but they are focused on winning an NBA Championship for their team and won’t be involved in this separate NBA 2K League.